Masoud Khademi

Masoud Khademi is a composer and musician of Tar and Setar, in Iran.

He began learning to play the Tar from Roya Harajzadeh, after that he learned the Maroufi and Mirza Abdullah Radif under the guidance of Behrouz Hemmati. In 2007, he was named the best Tar player in Iran at the Young Music Festival, and later became a student of Mohammad Reza Lotfi. ( ) He played the Mirza Abdullah Radif and other things with him, then he went on to learn the Mirza Hosseingholi Radif from Dariush Pirniakan. He also learned Setar from Behdad Babaei.

He studied music theory and solfège with Amir Eslami and took courses in electronic music and stylistic with Mohammad Pejutan and harmony with Kiavosh Sahebnasq.

In 2014, he was selected as the Iran’s top theatre composer. In 2021, he passed an academic course named “the relationship between persian musical instruments and the western symphony orchestra” with reza vali.(
In 2022, he passed some online courses in Berklee, Michigan and Cal Arts universities about music business and branding, music theory, melodic forms and harmony.

Recently, he honored to win composing silver medal for 'Mania' and instrumentalist Boronze Medal for 'The Four Horsemen', from the GLOBAL MUSIC AWARDS, 2022.

Music Structure
Using intervals and figures of Iranian music in different layers creatively as well as changing metric and melodic periods so that a repetitive formal idea is not formed. Also, sometimes the path of sections goes from Iranian folk music to other cultures and talks to them.

Projects and Collaborations


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